Series 2 and a half - The only episode

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  • Song Name: Series 2.5 The only episode - Little Cousin
  • Year: 2009

Breasts, ram raiding pensioners, Craigs anger issues and testicles are just some of the topics discussed in this special episode and subsequently the only episode in series 2.5. Series 3 is upon us and what better way to celebrate than to present to you the guest spot on the Greenfields cousin Seans 'family friendly' radio show which is now and forever more tarnished and banned from all family friendly airwaves. (sorry cuz) Why not put in on your ipod and listen to it whilst flicking through your favourite dirty magazine, stalking your crush or getting your wisdom tooth removed at the dentist. Karl is out on parole and Craig has succesfully completed his 6 month anger management class which can mean only one thing!!.....Series 3 coming soon......